Sunday, March 3, 2013

Two Short Reviews - hey! I have stuff to do, OK?

Death in Show
by Judi McCoy
3 stars - for dog lovers only

I started this book when my head was a little foggy from some medication and thought "hey, this isn't bad." But once my head cleared, not so good.

The main character in Death in Show is Ellie, a NYC dog walker and the death takes place at Westminster. 

So here's the scoop. I finished this book not because the characters were terribly interesting (they weren't) and not because they mystery was compelling (I had everything sewn up in my head from the start). I read it because Ms. McCoy is obviously a dog lover of gigantic proportions. The book oozes with dog loving. In fact there is hardly a page that goes by where a dog isn't either doing something or being discussed.

That made me happy. It made me like the book just for being. Heck, I might even try another one of her mysteries.

The Store
by T.S. Stribling
1933 Pulitzer Prize
1 star - not even

Had this been the edition my library produced I might have given the book more of a chance. Instead, they gave me a gigantic paperback with stiff bindings that made it clumsy to hold. I know, how small of me.

Maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but after 50 pages or so, I read some online reviews, got the gist of the plot, and opted out. Politics. Ugh. Yeah, from the synopsis on Wikipedia, it looks like some pretty juicy stuff happens, but I wasn't having it.

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  1. Sometimes it's something seemingly silly like dogs which keep us going with a book. And sometimes we wonder if the Pulitzer Prize Committee has their heads firmly stuffed up their collective derrieres. You've given me a yes book and a no book.