Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Quick Reviews

A Killer's Essence
by Dave Zeltserman
3 stars - good enough

Another blind grab from the end of the mystery section alphabet. Good enough to finish, but I'm not going to run out and get another one of his books.

Mr. Zeltserman does a fine job creating a complete main character, police detective Stan Green. The story isn't just about the murders, but also about Stan's struggles to be a long distant dad to his two kids and to sort through relationship issues. 

Some interesting side characters. I'd recommend this for distraction reading. Quick and easy.

To the Stars
by George Takei
1 star - didn't finish

I'm a follower of George Takei on FaceBook and I enjoy his self deprecating sense of humor and involvement in social reform.

I think what this book primarily suffered from is being written in 1994. At that time, Mr. Takei was still securely closeted about his homosexuality and I'm assuming that is the reason that the book doesn't even hint at anything in his personal life.

The beginning of the book is a good historical lesson on the forced internment of United States citizens of Japanese descent during World War II. For that alone, it is worth picking up.

I wish there had been more details about the logistics of making films and television shows, but about mid way I lost heart from the detached chronology of events and try as I might had to stop just 40 or so pages from the end. 

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  1. distracted reading is often what we need to break up real life. And having a relative who was in the movie industry, really, it's a lot of long hours and technical BS, and not nearly as glamorous or fun as one would think.