Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mad Dogs by James Grady

Mad Dogs
by James Grady
1 star - it was good, until it wasn't

Last week I funneled my usual stack of book requests to the main library (rather than the local branch) just to shake things up. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the parking garage was missing and I was forced to (gasp) parallel park on the street. This is not good as our local branch is closed on Saturdays during the summer. 

Oh no! Where will I park?

But I digress.

I arrived at the library on 05/11/13 and being an adventurous sort, I counted my way to the fifth bookcase, down to the 11th shelf, and grabbed the 13th book. You might think this is a doomed method of picking books, but so far my luck has been pretty good and it gets me out of my comfort zone.

Mad Dogs is a spy thriller action adventure story about 5 ex-CIA operatives. They have all been incarcerated in the special CIA nut house having totally lost it in various forms. Then something bad goes down at the facility, they escape, and the rest of the book is focused on their journey to find out what really happened and why they were being set up.

Now here's the thing. I really liked this book in the beginning. I liked it so much, I recommended it to my husband. Yup. Lots of cool spy stuff along with the odd behaviors of seriously mentally ill people going off their meds (no time to hit the pharmacy on their way out the door). 

As the story goes along, we learn what horrific event caused each of the characters to go over their tipping point and require psychiatric incarceration and medication. Very yucky stuff. So I'm reading and reading, and maybe slowing down a little bit, but still good, still lots of action and mystery. Heck, I'm even seeing it unfold as a movie and working my way up to putting actor faces to the names. 


Then I'm slowing down a little more and one fateful morning around page 250 I said to myself "I'm just going to read the first chapter of one of my other books this morning and finish this one tonight."

Tick tock, tick tock, a couple of days go by and I haven't picked the book up again. Tick tock, tick tock. Last night, getting ready for my bedtime read, I grabbed Mad Dogs, opened it up, started reading and said "Um, hello? I kind of don't care anymore." And that was that.

I mean don't even care enough to skim the remaining 100 to find out what happened. So there you go.


  1. Bad enough that the book was a dud. But you had to parallel park to get it? Beyond horror. I couldn't even teach Ryan to parallel park in our own driveway, that's how bad I am at it.

  2. Hi Mango momma! Grrreat book review! Mommy says that you sum up how she has felt about some books. Only mommy sometimes feels guilty about not finishing them. She keeps hoping they will redeem themselves but each time she finishes them they never do.

    Mommy is quite a reader. Maybe she should start her own book review blog....

    Have you read The Fitzy Resolution?


    Pee.s. just out of curiousity, do you write books? It sounds like you have a book in you!