Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two Comfy Cozies

This will be brief. I am supposed to be studying. Blech.

Rottweiler Rescue
by Ellen O'Connell
5 stars - a true dog lover's mystery

OK, I love Rottweilers. Big, block heads, sweet dispositions, good watch dogs, what's not to like?

This book has Rottweilers in every chapter. Score! And not Rottweilers communicating telepathically, or doing extraordinary things, just Rottweilers being Rottweilers. What I really liked, is nothing is left out. If the heroine, Dianne Brennan has to go out, she lets you know that her foster dog, Millie, is in a crate with a Kong. Plus she always puts the dogs first and dog lovers will relate to how she defies both doctors and law enforcement to make sure her dogs are OK.

Yes, some scary parts, but... well, you won't be sorry.

Not only are the dogs in every chapter, but there is lots of information about showing, rescue, and training. As for the mystery itself? Well, let's just say it was good enough to keep things moving but didn't get in the way of what was, for me, the central theme of the book.... ROTTWEILERS!

This book is hard to find and I had to wait well over a year for one to show up in my library network. The author promises a sequel by the end of this year. Might actually buy that. I can't wait!

Eggsecutive Orders
by Julie Hyzy
4 stars - safe and comforting

The third in the White House Chef mystery series. As with its predecessors, predictable, interesting, and no excess of mushy stuff. Very satisfying.


  1. Yay!! That motivates me to grab a cozy and do some reading. An unexpected sick day yesterday allowed me to finish book club #1 book (for Wednesday), so...

  2. Okay, you've made me very curious about Rottweiler Rescue! I may have to look for that one on the Nook!

  3. Someone left a note on the blog about this book. How can I not read it??

  4. Hey! The Kindle edition is only $2.99!! Thanks! I'm re-reading my last book because I was without anything good that I hadn't read!

  5. I have just discovered your THIRD blog. Love to hear about different books. Ann TBL

  6. Both sound like "eggselent" books. Having a dog as a main character is always fun, especially when it's a breed that's "supposed" to be not nice, but really is pretty damned wonderful. Enjoy your break from studying.

  7. Think I will download it too! Thanks for the tip!!! Good luck on the test!

  8. Loved Rottweiler Rescue!! Thanks! Fun,fast and obo reminded me of Otto!

  9. Based on your review I downloaded Rottweiler Rescue even though I don't like mysteries. I loved it because of her knowledge about dogs. Thanks for telling us about it.