Thursday, July 4, 2013

Detour by James Siegel

by James Siegel
4 stars - oh what fun

If you're looking for an easy, action packed, totally distracting read, look no further.

Detour is the literary equivalent of a Bruce Willis movie. 

Paul and Joanna Breidbart are off to Columbia to adopt a baby. Uh oh. 

Bad stuff happens so fast in this book that I dare not provide any more information.

Let's just say, lots of twists and turns (but, seriously, is the outcome ever in doubt?). Who cares? Cartoonish violence that won't give you nightmares (well, won't give me nightmares). Jungle, city, bad guys, good guys, good/bad guys, you name it.

Bonus! One of the main characters is an actuary who lapses into the occasional calculations of the probable outcomes of events. Who wouldn't?

Whoosh! Feel like my reading brain just got a rotor router. 


  1. Sounds like another for the list. No worries, and love, Carol
    P.S. I always love a Bruce Willis movie, there's something about him!

  2. Kinda like when my oldest son pauses the TV show when Big Bang Theory or that old one with the nerd professor helping his father the police type dude shows a board covered in equations, so he can check to be sure they got it right. Great fun.