Sunday, August 11, 2013

High Season by Jon Loomis

High Season 
by Jon Loomis
4 stars - just what I want in a cozy mystery

This book is the first in the Frank Coffin, Provincetown Detective series. So it is in this one that we learn about why he is now working in Provincetown.

Not much to say here other than it's a good cozy mystery. The characters are real and not too goofy or cartoonish. In this case, bodies start turning up right and left which is a lot more than Frank bargained for when he moved to P-town.

Jon Loomis captures the atmosphere of P-town very well. I used to vacation there once every year or so but haven't been back in about 10 years. Even then, it was showing signs of yielding completely to tourist trap / rich person vacation spot. Mr. Loomis captures that decline very well. Too bad. I used to love going there.

One thing in this series that gets under my skin is the character of Frank's girlfriend. Apparently another one of those women (who in my experience exist only in fiction) who doesn't want to get married. However, she does want to have a baby and I was a bit put off by her attitude about the whole thing.

But that's a nit, and girlfriend Jamie does get her own sub-plot which is fun (in a stalker, life threatening kind of way).


  1. It does sound like a very cozy mystery! :)

  2. I agree with your statement about the type of women who exist only in fiction. It's always nice to find out about a good cozy series, because you know you can count on the characters!