Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Couple of Fun Movies

Yeah, I've been watching movies and TV series, but they don't all make it here. It is, after all, primarily a book blog. But here's a duo of fun action movies to watch on a Saturday night.

World War Z
starring Brad Pitt
directed by Marc Forster
5 stars - ZOMBIES!

Just forget about the excellent book by the same name and enjoy. Look at those zombies go! These are super running, jumping zombies. No mushy stuff, just all action all the time. Woo hoo!

Yup, it's goofy and dumb and has some inconsistencies, but who cares? Check out this parody trailer. Oh yeah!

Iron Man 3
starring Robert Downey Jr.
directed by Shane Black
4 stars - great fun, might watch it again as an Iron Man tilogy weekend blowout

Some slow moments, but Iron Man still has it. One of the best movie action heros evah!

Yup, there's a parody trailer of this one too (warning, contains serious spoilers)

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  1. I loved both of those and I would recommend them, too!