Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Sound and the Furry by Spencer Quinn

The Sound and the Furry
by Spencer Quinn
4 stars - oh what fun!

ALR Yellow - but in a good way (see review)

How much do I like Spencer Quinn's Chet and Bernie series? So much that not only did I actually buy this book, I pre-ordered it on Amazon. In hardcover! Yes, indeed. 

In case you haven't heard of Chet and Bernie, Chet's the dog, Bernie's the master and together they form the Little Detective Agency. Got it? But the cool part is that all the books are written by Chet (that would be Chet the dog).

Chet knows his job is helping Bernie solve mysteries, but he's also, well, a dog.

I'd seen worse. The kitchen, which was where we ended up, was kind of nice. It had one of those old stoves you sometimes see that stand on little feet, with space underneath, and in that space, would you believe it? Practically a whole strip of bacon, presently - but not for long, amigo - getting gnawed on by a nervous-eyed mouse. The little guy split in a hurry - and tried to abscond with the goods, abscond with the goods being cop talk for making off with the bacon. In the end, he barely absconded with himself. As for the bacon? Delish, and not really that old at all. Still plenty of crunch left, which is how we like our bacon, me and Bernie. This case, whatever it was about exactly, couldn't have been going more smoothly.

That's the way Chet rolls. He does his best to help Bernie crack cases, but he gets distracted and confused easily. Heck, he's a dog.

This particular book concerns a missing person search in Louisiana. Nice chance for Chet to sample a new venue, full of different delights... and perils.

Which brings us to the yellow rating. Chet is, after all, a detective. And detectives get into trouble. Sometimes scary trouble. Sometimes trouble where you wish Mr. Quinn didn't have such a good handle on doggie thoughts.

Does Chet pull through? Well, let's see. This is the sixth book in a wildly successful series, so you figure it out.

The mystery itself is, once again, fairly apparent to the reader. But that's OK and I will tell you why. The thing of it is that Chet, with his superior canine snooter, picks up lots of clues that Bernie misses. The problem is that Chet isn't a deep thinker, so he doesn't always put two and two together and even when he does, communicating with Bernie can be, well, challenging when one is limited to doggie vocalizations and tail postures. It's all good.

Chet and Bernie remain, for me, the penultimate in doggie mysteries. 

Dog on It - 2009
Thereby Hangs a Tail - 2010
To Fetch a Thief - 2011
The Dog Who Knew Too Much - 2012
A Fistful of Collars - 2013

I'm hoping that Chet takes on an apprentice soon. My guess is he was around two when he met up with Bernie which would make him six now. He'll be slowing down in a year or so and needs to start training up another doggie so that Mr. Quinn can keep pumping out these way cool awesome books.

Oh, and hey, Spenser Quinn, if you are reading this, I'm still waiting for a mastiff to be featured in an upcoming mystery. You just let me know if you need help with the voice because I am totally all over that action, oh yeah!


  1. Cute. We'll have to add this series to the reading list!!

  2. I hope Spenser Quinn does come to you for advice on adding a mastiff to the books. It sounds like a fun read.

  3. OOOOOO! I didn't know there was a new one out! It's on my wish list!