Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lacey Blue and Friends by Bill Hart

Lacey Blue and Friends
by Bill Hart
5 stars - perfect dog lover's story
ALR Yellow - some tense moments on the order of a Disney movie

This book is intended for young readers. Nevertheless, I loved it and it was certainly the right choice to cleanse my reading pallet after the last unfortunate volume.

Lacey Blue was born to race and she loves doing it. Mr. Hart takes the reader into the mind of the greyhound to show us how thrilling the chase is for these majestic animals. Lacey is owned by a compassionate human, Ryan, who races dogs as long as they love it and are healthy. When his dogs cannot race he either keeps them as couch ornaments or finds good homes for them. 

Difficult to say more without revealing the plot. Per the back cover "... she begins a series of adventures with various owners that will push her to the very limits."

There are a lot of moderately scary scenes, but it was clear from the tone of the book that the main story would have a happy ending. I can readily see reading this as a bedtime story to your favorite young person. I don't think any of the tension is severe enough to cause wakefulness.

For all you crazy, dog loving adults, I recommend this as a safe, short read. Volume two is in the queue.

Now then, I believe the cover dog Miss Blueberry from the Tales and Tails pack.

Loyal readers know that my new books usually go to the library after I've read them. This one is staying. It's calm and soothing, I love gazing at the cover and I look forward to sharing it with my grandchildren.

Here is a link to Bill Hart's web site where you can read more about his greyhound books.


  1. Oh we like a safe read to put on the list!

  2. I enjoyed it, too, and I have the second one as well, because that is Blueberry on the cover. I got nostalgic seeing her pop up unexpectedly today! :) I thought of it as a nice, safe read, too. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. hello mango momma its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow luk at that hi blueberry!!! it is always nice to see pikchers of owr frends hoo hav gawn away!!! no if yoo wil eksyooz me i wil go find owt how come i am not on the kover of enny of my dadas buks wot he has akchooally ritten himself wile the luvly blueberry is on the kover of a buk wot wuz ritten by sumwun hoo is aparently not her mama or her dada!!! ok bye