Friday, November 1, 2013

One Death Too Many by Glenn Ickler

One Death Too Many
by Glenn Ickler
1 star - just not my cup of tea
ALR Blue - no animals

I met Mr. Ickler at a New England fall fair. He had a booth set up and was selling autographed copies of his Al Jeffery / Mitch Mitchell series. He seemed like a nice guy and it pains me to write an unfavorable review.

The main issue is that he missed what I would consider his target audience. These are cozy mysteries in that they have regular people who make jokes, live life, and happen to be surrounded by murder. Al and Mitch are newspaper journalists. 

Here's why the book didn't work for me (in the 60 pages I read)
  • These guys never seem to work. In fact all they do is take time off from work. I would have expected a sub plot that showed them actually doing their job.
  • There really wasn't any mystery to the mystery (of course I didn't finish so maybe things improved).
  • Cozy mysteries (which this seems to approximate) are usually read by women. That means that sex scenes need to be a bit romantic, not "Like a train gliding into a tunnel, he slipped smoothly into the offered opening..." That's from page one, by the way.
  • Al and Mitch like puns. I'm OK with that, but the conversations with puns don't flow. I couldn't figure out if this was a light hearted romp or a creepy story.

I wish Mr. Ickler all the best and I applaud him for having the tenacity to not only write, but get published, something on the order of 10 books. 

As for me, well, I've got some books waiting at the library for me and right now so I will drop my two autographed Icklers in the library collection and move on.


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    1. You beat me too! rofl Oh, thank you! Have I mentioned how much I enjoy these reviews? Thanks for saving me some time, and for a good giggle!