Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Strange Children by Caroline Gordon

The Strange Children
by Caroline Gordon
1952 National Book Award Finalist
2 stars - oh, come on!

ALR Green - nice little dachshund named Borcke and a brief appearance by a grouchy pony

Lucy Lewis lives with her dilettante parents in Tennessee.

One day, Uncle Tubby, and Kevin and Isabel Reardon come to visit.

The grownups talk a lot. They drink gin. They talk some more.

Lucy wanders around.

Lucy steals a crucifix from Kevin Reardon.

Jenny, the hired lady, gets drunk in the afternoon.

Some people setup for a revival meeting.

More wandering around.

Lots of suggestive looks between Isabel and Tubby.

Lucy gets thrown off a bucking pony.

One of the guys at the revival meeting is bit by a rattlesnake.

Tubby takes off with Mrs. Reardon.

Lucy returns the crucifix. 

We find out (gasp) that Mrs. Reardon is coo coo nutty mental fits and her husband had to sign her out of the loony bin for their big trip to visit Lucy's parents. Oh well.

The end.


  1. Well, the title did include the word "Strange." But not Coo coo nutty mental fits.