Monday, December 9, 2013

Ravenmocker by Jean Hager

by Jean Hager
3 stars - a perfect cozy

ALR Green - Nice Golden Retriever dog who gets patted and car rides

This is a formulaic and enjoyable cozy. Everything you're looking for. We have a likable heroine, an interesting mystery, no violence (although two people do die), and even a dog.

Molly Bearpaw is an investigator for the Native American Advocacy League. When one of the residents of the local nursing home dies under mysterious circumstances, his son asks Molly to look into things. He isn't happy with the dismissive diagnosis of the nursing home doctor.

Then another resident dies and Molly joins forces with local law enforcement (in the guise of the requisite cozy love interest) to get to the bottom of things.

If you're looking for something safe and entertaining to fill an afternoon, look no further. The mystery is compelling and there are enough clues that you can figure it out right along with Molly.


  1. That sounds perfect for December, when the world is so busy and complicated. Or maybe just for a good long soak in the tub. There's nothing wrong with a good, formulaic cozy.