Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Glimpses of the Moon by Edmund Crispin

The Glimpses of the Moon
by Edmund Crispin
1 star - delightful prose, but just too draggy

ALR Green - I only read 100 pages... some illusions to animal abuse, but otherwise happy guest spots by a variety of animals

Professor Gervase Fen sets out to find the true solution to the mystery of a curiously dismembered corpse.

Gobbo gave the impression of having been left over unaltered from a very early novel by Eden Phillpotts. He cackled pruriently at references to love or courtship. He cadged drinks. He reminisced, racily if not particularly engrossingly, about a boyhood whose chief amusements had apparently been poaching and voyeurism.

In the span of 100 pages, I went from being delighted to almost dreading the next passage. If this book is your style, then you'll love it. I did expand my vocabulary a bit and this is a fine example of a quirky mystery with plenty of unusual characters. But one can only take so much of a sluggish, meandering plot. Once I decided to stop, I realized that the author had conveniently summarized the solution in the last 30 pages or so, but alas, I didn't even care enough to get through that. Pity.


  1. Sorry, just had to laugh...hehehe....
    Ruthless Mango Momma!
    Just love it!

  2. What Max Mom said. Ruthless is good, or at least helpful for me.