Wednesday, February 19, 2014


2010 -
4 stars - mindless fun
ALR Blue - it's all about the people

Maybe my mind has turned to mush due to all the snow. It's also possible that the show won't sustain itself for five seasons, but halfway through season two, I'm addicted.

FBI agent Audrey Parker shows up in the small coastal town of Haven, Maine (filmed in Nova Scotia) to solve the murder of an ex-con and winds up staying on to further explore the mysteries of the community.

The premise is that Haven is being visited by The Troubles which consists of some weird supernatural phenomena taking over one of its residents in each episode. So we've got people who's paintings come to life, people who's shadows commit murder, heck, even people who turn into stone and blow up. Shape shifters, ghosts, sentient machines, you name it.

At the center is Audrey Parker who is the twinner for some mysterious lady in a photo from the long ago unsolved murder of The Colorado Kid (which is the title of the Stephen King story the series is very loosely based on).

I suppose a big part of the charm is that the series never seems to take itself too seriously. There is dry humor and an enchantingly mundane attitude about whatever weirdness might arise. Lawn sprinklers spewing blood? Group hallucinations? Cracks opening up in the earth? Just another day in Haven. 

The three main characters are Audrey who is TV perky and cute, but understated, Nathan, the son of the police chief who is afflicted with the inability to experience tactile sensation, and Duke, the lovable smuggler (played by the alarmingly sculpted Eric Balfour).

Audrey and Nathan do their best to humanely contain those suffering from the troubles (although I'm not sure how many times the guy who brings to life everything he reads can get through The Velveteen Rabbit or what the long term consequences of that might be). Sometimes, however, the Troubled need to be put down (thems the breaks).

To keep up the "suspense" we get with each episode one more clue into the source of the resemblance between Audrey and the mystery lady in the photo. 

Minimal mushy stuff.

Despite it being a true fact that winter lasts about 10 months in Maine, the episodes are curiously devoid of snow. Possibly another characteristic of Haven or maybe they just didn't have the budget for snow shoots (a TV series phenomena I learned about after watching Deadwood - a great series - and noting the distinct absence of snow in, hello, South Dakota).

If you need to turn off your brain for a few hours, give it a go.


  1. hello mango momma its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm sownds like sumbuddy transplanted sunnydale to the northeest!!! this is a job for buffy the vampire slayer perhaps!!! ha ha ok bye

  2. Never seen it, but I do love some of those small network series. I'm looking forward to the return of The Americans and The Vikings. And I'm not sure I saw much snow in The Vikings, come to think of it. Hmmm.