Sunday, February 2, 2014

Suspect by Roger Crais

by Roger Crais
3 stars - started off great, but didn't live up to its potential
ALR Green - I'm relaxing the ALR rules a bit here. There are a few yellow scenes in the book, but I had a green feeling at the end, so that's the rating.

A tale of two survivors. LAPD officer, Scott James, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He and his partner witness a gangland style assault and during the battle, Scott's partner, Stephanie, is killed and Scott sustains life threatening injuries which leave him crippled in mind and body.

Maggie is a K-9 military officer. She, too, is involved in a terrible incident in which her handler is killed and she is horribly wounded.

Fast forward. Scott decides to join the K-9 corp of the LAPD and Maggie happens to be waiting to see if she can recover from her PTSD and once again serve as a K-9 officer. So they start training together. Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident that brought about Scott's injuries is reopened. Scott divides his time between training Maggie and helping out with the investigation. Things get increasingly more dangerous for the dynamic duo, but they persist.

So, OK, what gives here? First off, I see the cover art and "Robert Crais" and my wee little brain keeps thinking "Roger Caras," the late, great voice of Westminster and author of many dog books. Head shake. Because I've never really been a fan of Robert Crais, but this book has a dog in it, so, heck, I'll play along.

The book starts off great, like 5 stars great. Mr. Crais provides some awesome "dog's eye view" chapters from Maggie's perspective. Really good stuff. Scott's also pretty cool himself. He's got issues, no doubt, but he's getting to know Maggie and it's all going pretty well. 

But then, I'm all like "hey, where are the Maggie chapters?" Seems like once Mr. Crais got the hook in, he decided to ditch the good dog stuff and revert to a rather formulaic detective story. Grrrr. Sure, Maggie is present in some of the chapters, but now she's a third person side kick. No fun. So, there is danger and some mystery and Scott figures stuff out and then in the end of the book, we get some more Maggie stuff, but by this time, I was kind of bored and just skimming. Nothing deep going on here. No need to read every word.

Still, three stars, meaning good enough to pass the time. 

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  1. I hate it when they start out great and then just skate along. And what's with not continuing with the dog, anyway? Everyone loves a good police dog. I'm reading one now that I'll bet you'd love about a "police dog" who lives with a detective in 1890s England. There's nothing like a good dog's-eye book.