Sunday, February 9, 2014

What the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard

What the Dog Ate
by Jackie Bouchard
3 stars - very light weight, but it kind of grew on me

ALR Green - nice Labrador retriever in a minor role

Maggie Baxter's Labrador retriever, Kona, isn't feeling well. It's clear he's got a serious gastric issue. Sure enough, the vet discovers a blockage and removes the offending item... a pair of "size tiny lavender thong panties."

Uh oh. Those are so not Maggie's and thus she discovers that her husband has been carrying on an affair and her marriage comes to an abrupt and devastating end.

The book follows Maggie's adventures dealing with a broken marriage, a job she hates, and life in general.

I wasn't all that taken at first. However, sometimes having all your library books wait listed isn't such a bad thing and I kept going. My reward was that even though the book is fluff, it isn't all that transparent and some of the scenes are real and touching.

Here and there we are privy to Maggie's inner thoughts and they are wonderfully pedestrian and plausible. As when she reluctantly agrees to try speed dating (ugh) and takes a look at the men across the room:

Then Maggie did a quick inventory of the men: No. No. No... God no. Maybe. No. Eh? Maybe... Hello what's this? No. NO.

Given the nature of the book, you know you're headed for a happy ending, but the story took some interesting twists along the way. 

And what of the dog? Well, Kona isn't in the book enough for this to qualify as an official dog book, but he's around on and off and Maggie does try to take a page from his book of living in the moment and enjoying whatever goodness comes along. 

I recommend What the Dog Ate as a great plane or beach book or something to read when you've got a lot going on in your life. For me, it provided a nice reading pallet cleanser after a rash of total ughs and false starts.


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  2. So, it's just what I need right now. And there's a dog on the front cover. Perfect.