Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones
Mad About the Boy
by Helen Fielding
4 stars - just as good as the first two Bridget Jones books

ALR Blue - no animals whatsoever

This is the third Bridget Jones book and if you haven't read the previous two, start at the beginning with  Bridget Jones's Diary

Tried to turn on telly to see if Talitha had indeed, as so often, been calling me live on air during a film clip. Jabbed confusedly at buttons like a monkey with a mobile phone. Why does turning on a TV these days require three remotes with ninety buttons? Why? Suspect designed by thirteen-year-old technogeeks, competing with each other from sordid bedrooms, leaving everyone else thinking they're the only person in the world who doesn't understand what the buttons are for, thus wreaking psychological damage on a massive, global scale.

Yup, she's back. Bridget Jones, the wonderful stream of consciousness heroine. Now she's 51 and a widow with two small children and all the regular problems of regular people.

She's trying to move on with her life. Trying to move into the twenty first century. To do so, she tackles Twitter, online dating, and, yes, a 29 year old Boy Toy. Oh Bridget.

Man do I love these books. Her "diary" is so much better than a real one because it is her thoughts in all their spontaneous glory (not some post-event meditation). She struggles with how she looks, how she acts, relationships, kids, and the most mundane things that drive all of us to distraction. 

She makes lists of ways to be a better person (gosh, so do I), than laments her inability to adhere to her own rules ("134 lb, pounds gained 1, dating rules broken 2").

I've read reviews that chastise the main character for being too shallow for a 51 year old woman. Ugh. Am I honestly the only over 50 woman who still has arguments with herself about stupid things and gets totally tangled up by the day to day? Seriously? 

By the way, this is one time where one can both read the book and enjoy the movie (that would be the movie based on the original book). So I suppose if you saw the movie and didn't like it then you might as well pass on the books.


  1. I didn't know there was a third book, but you've really piqued my curiosity about it!

  2. I liked the movie, I think, but I watched it with my dearly beloved, and men just are not good at watching chick flicks. Funny how we can watch the manly movies, though. I'll have to look for this whole series of books.