Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Devil Colony by James Rollins

The Devil Colony
by James Rollins
3 stars - just crying out to be made into a summer blockbuster movie
ALR Green - minor dog character, not to worry

Yeah, there's a story in there somewhere, but for me, the fun in this book is the generous dose of supercharged action scenes. Shoot outs, things blowing up, people disintegrating, creepy underground predicaments, woo hoo!

What we have here is the old "creepy things from the past causing cataclysmic mayhem in the present" type story. The book opens at an archaeological site in the Rocky Mountains. Oh, what is this? A cool skull lined in gold that is weirdly cold. Let's bring it above ground and take it back to the museum for a closer look and..... KA BOOM! Damn! There goes the only female character in the book who isn't either one of those twenty something hard bodies or lovable senior citizen types. Oops.

Now a worldwide race is on to discover what caused the explosion and set off alarming neutrino activity all over the world. The book jumps around between several groups of people. There are good guys, bad guys, guys with questionable loyalty, scientists, bitter angry people, young lovers, even a pregnant lady (hey, why not). All of them racing to uncover the mystery before the whole world blows up.

Somehow, the source of trouble is tied to Indian legends and the Book of Mormon, along with a secret society that sends its crippled of mind and spirit smarty pants evil dude out to try and solve the puzzle first.

All in all, this book is great fun. I appreciated that it pretty much stuck to the whole action thing without a lot of mushy stuff or slow passages focused on character development. The characters are pretty flat, which would normally make me give the book a bad rating, but that's not where this story is at. The focus stays on people rushing around madly and, did I mention this before, things blowing up. Fine by me.

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  1. Does sound like a blockbuster summer movie to me. And an exciting read, too.