Saturday, June 28, 2014

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep
by Stephen King
4 stars - classic Stephen King
ALR Blue - no animals 

One of the problems with following an author is that you can never really tell if the earlier books were better or if they were just new to you. So, yeah, I'm going to say not as good as The Shining, but actually I don't know since I haven't read The Shining since it came out. Does that make sense?

Regardless, this is classic Stephen King. Flawed, yet heroic characters, wicked bad nasty people creature things, good v. evil, supernatural stuff, pain and suffering, the works.

Dan Torrance, the kid from The Shining, is all grown up and seriously messed in the head. Seems he followed his father into alcoholism and general messing up his life. But he bottoms out and finally gets sober and settles down in a nice little New Hampshire town.

Meanwhile, a really icky clan of immortals, known as The True, are wandering around in their RV's and torturing kids to death to steal their steam (steam being the power of people who shine and shining being the ability to "see" stuff, like dead people or sickness or even missing car keys).

Turns out that the little town in New Hampshire is also home to Abra Stone who shines so brightly that The True are over the top rabid to get their hands on her. Well, Dan has a bit of a shine himself, so eventually we get a big confrontation between RV people and Dan and Abra (with help from less shiny locals).

It's a good story. Stephen King once again shows off his talent for creating three dimensional characters who come across as ordinary people (well, except for that whole shining thing). The way Dan and Abra plot to take on The True is great and doesn't leave anything out (meaning I saw things unfold and wasn't asking "Hey, but what about...."). It all made sense. 

Now, one always hates to see a good book end and it's usually a letdown, but this ended smoothly. Do read the author's note that follows the story. That personal touch made me like the book even more.

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