Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Ill Wind
by Rachel Caine
3 stars - it's like a science fiction cozy mystery
ALR Blue - no animal characters

Did you know there are a bunch of people called Weather Wardens who have the powers of earth, wind, fire, and water and do their darnedest to keep really icky weather things from wiping us off the planet? "Hogwash," you say? Oh yeah? Well how do you know it isn't true?

Meet Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin. She's in deep trouble and on the lam and running both from and into bad stuff as she tries to get her mojo back. Who can she trust? Who will turn her in to the Weather Wardens? And what about those pesky Djinns, those genies in a bottle who get bonded to Weather Wardens and do their bidding (but, as always, with the caution of being careful what you wish for).

As I said above, this is a science fiction cozy mystery. A likable heroine, nothing really icky happens, enough mystery of "who done it" and plenty of plausible plot twists. Also, some requisite hunky guys who are perfect gentlemen. Plus no insignificant amount of information on exactly how weather works as the various wardens manipulate air masses and charged particles. 

"Murder, mayhem, magic, and meteorology..." pretty cool combination. 

I'd rank this as a just about perfect book for light, distracting reading. It's devoid of any icky, haunting images, doesn't require a lot of attention, yet still provides something to busy the brain.


  1. Has Rachel Caine met Bart?


  2. The wind, water, and fire wardens are going to have their hands full in the coming decades I think. Best to go into earth instead.