Friday, August 29, 2014

Make No Bones by Aaron Elkins

Make no Bones
by Aaron Elkins
3 stars - perfect little cozy
ALR Blue - no animal characters, no animals harmed

Always a delight to find a new cozy series that I can count on to offer respite from more questionable tomes. 

Mr. Elkins has all the requisite elements; benign characters, PG rated murders, lovely settings, minimal mushy stuff, and some educational value (in this case on the topic of forensic anthropology).

Gideon Oliver, forensic anthropologist is off to a conference of similar academics. The setting, however, is in questionable taste as it is the scene where, ten years ago, at a similar conference, one of the scientists met an untimely death. Uh oh. Well, being anthropologists, they plan to mark the decade anniversary of their comrade's demise by interring his bones in the new forensic display at a local museum. 

But things are not all good cheer. There are old grudges aplenty, bristly personalities, and.... MURDER! Time for Gideon to do his thing and figure out what the heck.

When I read a cozy, it is for escape and reading pallet cleansing, so I don't try very hard to figure things out. There were a few clues and red herrings here and there and finally a big "um, hello?" clue (after which the author wraps things up quickly). Exactly what I was looking for after those two appalling one star books. 

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  1. I've seen this author around; I guess I'll buy one of his books the next time it appears in front of me. Basic is good, especially with Master's upcoming schedule.