Friday, August 22, 2014

The Devil Wears Scrubs by Freida McFadden

The Devil Wears Scrubs
by Freida McFadden
4 stars - would have liked more
ALR Green - one person has a cat who is mentioned mostly via the cat fur stuck to her owner

A delightful little book that goes very quickly. Maybe not the best thing to read when your husband is getting surgery in a few weeks. Certainly not something you want to read when you're killing time in the hospital.

The Devil Wears Scrubs is a blow by blow description of Dr. Jane McGill's first month as an intern at a New York City hospital. After a disastrous first week trying to keep up with her demanding resident's idiosyncrasies, Jane is thrust into the disorienting world of being on call. 30 continuous hours of having to deal with whatever walks through the door as well as the various needs of resident patients.

It's daunting, mind numbing, and gives one a whole new appreciation for why things might take longer than you'd like at the hospital and why it's good to always double check medications and diagnosis (oh, and listen to the nurses).

The writing is very well paced and light. While the reader feels the suffocating tug of sleeplessness (along with missed meals and bathroom breaks), there is also the lighter side of things because even when dealing with life and death, the world offers humor. 

And then there is Dr. Alyssa. Evil Dr. Alyssa. The resident who has Jane under her thumb and is relentless in picking apart everything that Jane does.

Alyssa must be as sleep deprived as I am, but she doesn't look it. Her straight brown hair is swept back into... I think it's a chignon, although I truthfully don't know what the hell a chignon is. Not one little hair is out of place. Her eyes aren't bloodshot and don't have little purple circles under them, like I know mine do without even looking in a mirror. And she smells good. Nothing in this hospital smells good, except somehow Alyssa does.

What didn't I like? The book was too short (when have I ever said that before). MORE! MORE!


  1. Wow! That's pretty high praise! I'm glad you liked it!

  2. Sounds good! I'll have to hunt down a copy! (And then leave it in the 'on-call' room when I'm done! Heheh!)

  3. I think I need to find this book for my nurse daughter! Re: Master's surgery. I hope things go well. Keep a list of the medications he takes with you, and check that against the ones the nurses give him. Ask why whenever they do something different for him. And if he has an emergency medication, like Nitro, then keep it with you. My dearly beloved needed it once, his assigned nurse was out to lunch, and no one ever bothered to show up to see what he wanted. I gave him the nitro after a couple of minutes, then went to the desk and reamed out the nurse behind the desk, the charge nurse (who is the head for that shift), and then the nurse who didn't leave anyone else notice that they should look in on her patients if they needed help. You are Master's best advocate while he is in the hospital. I hope everything turns out well.

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