Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine

Heat Stroke
by Rachel Caine
4 stars - lots of action and cool magical stuff
ALR Blue - no animals at all really

Joanne Baldwin is back for the second adventure in the Weather Warden series. This time with a difference. Because if you missed the first book in the series, you'll need to know that at the end she was turned into a Djinn (or genie). 

Life as a newly minted djinn isn't easy. There's a lot to learn. Like how to turn into mist and then back into human form and do zoomies out past the no fly zone of the Earth's stratosphere. No worries. Luckily for Jo, she's got her hunky boyfriend / mentor djinn to help her with the transition.

But all is not happy go lucky smoochie face because on one of their trips into outer space, they encounter creepy blue sparkly stuff. Oh no! Not blue sparkly stuff! Now what? It would appear that something is terribly wrong in the universe. Something seeping through that is causing cataclysmic storms that even the weather wardens can't control (don't tell me you didn't know that the only reason the earth isn't consumed by wind, rain, and fire is thanks to weather wardens keeping things to a dull roar). For real.

Not only blue sparkly things, but some wicked bad humans as well. Bad as in "never trust a beautiful woman" bad. 

"But maybe there's something I can do for you," he said.

Her eyes raked him up and down. Blatantly. "I'm sure that's perfectly true." She giggled.

He laughed. I hadn't heard Lewis laugh in - well I don't think I'd ever heard him laugh. Not a yuk-it-up kind of guy, generally. His humor was quiet, his sexuality - well, until now, I would have thought it was kind of subdued.

"Nothing I can do to change your mind?" she asked, and looked up at him from under thick lashes. Moved closer. "You look like you'd drive a hard... bargain."

I rolled my eyes, thought about picking up the phone. Hello? Central Casting? Are you missing your Seducto-Bitch stereotype? Surely he could see it was an act.

There's humor, even when the fate of the world is teetering on the edge. Love it.

After warming up for a while, the book really gets rolling and from there on it's non-stop action. Djinn's going in bottles, coming out of bottles, big honking weather events, discorporation, treachery, you name it. 

Does our plucky heroine make it through? Does she save the world? Well, given that there are more books in the series, I'd say the answers are pretty clear. But that makes no matter. It's not the destination, it's the journey, and Rachel Caine sure knows how to make a journey worth taking.


  1. It's always good when the author can throw in a little humor effectively. If it's a series, and you've read more than one volume, it must be fun. Even if she simply MUST save the world so there will be more books.

  2. I've never heard of this series, but you've definitely intrigued me! I just got to a stopping point in a series I've been enjoying and I need something else to pick up.