Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn

Paw and Order
by Spencer Quinn
5 stars - It's a Chet and Bernie book!
ALR Green - some tense moments, but don't worry

Yeah, I knew there was another Chet and Bernie due out this summer, but I told myself I would wait until the library had it, save a few bucks. Who was I kidding? Yup, ordered it in glorious hardcover from Amazon. Woo hoo!

Best dog narrated series ever! 

Bernie filled my portable water bowl at the sink, set it down beside me. I wasn't thirsty at all, but what with Bernie being so nice, I lapped up a little sip, just to be nice back. The next thing I knew I was thirstier than I'd ever been in my life! I slurped my way right down to the bottom of the bowl absolutely nonstop - even sprayed a bit! And by my very own self! What a life!

Yup, they're back. Chet and Bernie, the partners in charge of the Little Detective Agency. Chet being the dog (and narrator), Bernie being the human. This time, adventure awaits in Washington DC after Bernie makes a spur of the moment decision to drive there to visit his girlfriend, Suzie (who relocated to Washington at the end of the last story).

But, well, you know, it's always something. Pretty soon there are dead bodies, strange smells, shady characters, and all the other stuff that makes these books delightful. Of course the actual mystery is beside the point (at least for me), the point being that Mr. Quinn has captured the delight of being a well loved dog exquisitly. Chet rides in the car, eats steak, snuffles, barks, wags his tail, and sometimes finds a perp's leg in his jaws. What fun!

They exchanged a look. Friendly? No. Unfriendly? Not that either. Too complicated for me, whatever it was. It made me uneasy, let's leave it at that. I considered a quick chew of the end of my tail, something I hardly ever do, but that was one of Bernie's no-nos, so I put a lid on it.

They looked away from each other, Bernie's gaze happening to fall on me. "Chet - knock that off."

What was this? Somehow the end of my tail had gotten into my mouth, completely without my knowledge or cooperation? And was I chewing on it? Put yourself in my place, assuming your own tail had gotten itself into your mouth, wouldn't you... Too confusing? Probably. How about we leave it right there, or perhaps even earlier? Whatever I may or may not have been doing, I knocked it off, and pronto.

One of the magical things about the Chet and Bernie books is that every time I read one, it reminds me of how my dog helps me live a better life. Our dogs love their family without reservation, live in the moment, take pleasure in what life has to offer, and usually are stoic when things get dicy. See the world through your dog's eyes and you'll be tip top.


  1. Right after I finish the new Tana French!!

  2. I must have read something by this author, because the format sounds very familiar. Your quotes are really humorous!

    Best of luck to Master tomorrow.