Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Dark Place by Aaron J. Elkins

The Dark Place
by Aaron J. Elkins
3 stars - nice and cozy
ALR Blue

What do you do when you find a nice cozy series? Go back to the beginning of course. Since I couldn't find the first Gideon Oliver mystery in the library network, I figured starting with volume 2 was good enough.

Here we have a younger Gideon Oliver off on another adventure in forensic anthropology. This time he's in the rain forest of Washington's Olympic National Park where an odd assortment of bones have been discovered and it's up to him to determine if any of them belong to a couple of hikers who went missing several years prior.

Rumors abound once Gideon determines that the wounds inflicted had to be made by a creature of "super human strength." Aha! Bigfoot! Right?

It's all a delightful cozy with a good puzzle, likable characters, some education, and minimal mushy stuff. 

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  1. Bigfoot is the perp! Hooray! He so rarely gets a starring role in anything. Sounds like a fun read.