Friday, October 3, 2014

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service
by Beth Kendrick
3 stars - for dog lovers
ALR Green - see **SPOILER** at end for possible caveat

If you are mad about dogs, then it's likely you'll find this book fun. Otherwise, well, it's pretty light, as in Lifetime Happy Movie light.

The plot, as such, is straightforward. Lara Madigan and her best friend run an of off the books orphan dog matchmaking service. They take in as many orphan dogs as they can to foster in their homes and then they go to adoption events and try and find the perfect match between dog and human. That's really it.

Along the way, Lara has mommy issues and boyfriend issues which all resolve in happy, predictable ways. No worries, because hardly any pages go by without dogs. Dogs walking, dogs drooling, dogs being cute, dogs being naughty, you name it. As a bonus, Lara gets wrangled into showing a dog and so both purebred and mixed breed dogs get their fair shake. 

There are also some gentle tips about dog training as well as reminders about where to get a dog (not a pet store) and how to take care of dogs that might have had a difficult time of it.

It's a nice little piece of fluff to keep in mind when you need something uplifting without being overly smarmy. 

*** SPOILER ***

One puppy has to be euthanized due to parvo. It's sad, but doesn't spoil the overall feel of the book.


  1. Thanks Dexter! Always looking for fun reads to fill up the Kindle!

    Wyatt's Mom

  2. hello mango momma its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad to heer abowt a buk wot spends a littel time on how to treet us speshul needs dogs!!! maybe i kan git a part in the moovee wen it is mayd for lifetime!!! ok bye