Sunday, November 9, 2014

Buffalo West Wing by Julie Hyzy

Buffalo West Wing
by Julie Hyzy
3 stars - super cozy and light as a feather
ALR Blue - 

Olivia Paras, executive chef at the White House is in trouble again. Sheesh. It's always something.

This time around there's a new president. On the day the new First Family moves in, Olivia finds a mysterious box of Buffalo Chicken Wings in her kitchen. How did they get there? And why is there a note that says they are a special gift for the First Kids?

Following protocol, Olivia sequesters the food away until the source can be found (can't be too careful at the White House). Is there any reader out there who doesn't know the wings are poisoned? Of course they are and after they are consumed by some innocent White House staffers looking for a late night snack, things begin to unravel.

So we've got an attempt to poison the First Kids. If that isn't bad enough, the new First Lady has decided to bring in her own chef. One pompous attention seeking dork face of a guy. Sheesh! 

All the usual one would expect from a White House Chef Mystery (this being #4). Plenty of behind the scenes stuff about how the White House runs in general, and how the kitchen runs in particular (love it), plenty of Olivia working hard to do the right thing and struggling with her lack of social life. Bad guys, a bit of mystery, a couple of twists. In short, exactly what I was looking for to relax my brain.


  1. This series is on my list. Glad it's remaining solidly cozy.

  2. Don't you just hate pompous attention seeking dork face guys? This sounds like a fun series. I'll have to look for it.