Monday, November 17, 2014

Hounded by David Rosenfelt

by David Rosenfelt
3 stars - lightweight entertainment
ALR Green - two dogs get patted and go for walks, but no dog characters (despite the cover art)

Let's get the "this is not a dog book" out of the way up front. Despite the adorable photo on the cover, the two dogs in the book get no play and are not involved in plot advancement whatsoever. 

What we have here is very nearly a cozy mystery. It's got a few more icky murders than your average cozy and the lead character is a guy, but other than that, all the elements are there. Nice guy, self deprecating humor, various colorful sidekicks, and a touch of romance. 

Andy Carpenter, defense attorney, is the main character. His pal, policeman Pete Stanton, has just been arrested for murder and it's up to Andy to prove him innocent. In the meantime, Andy and his girlfriend, Laurie, are taking care of the victim's young son and dog. 

Some interesting courtroom manipulation during the trial. Good enough plot and nice suspense towards the end of the book. 

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  1. With the cover art you'd think the Bassett Hound would be front and center! Sounds like a good cozy nonetheless.