Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Paradise - TV Series

The Paradise
4 stars

Fans of lush BBC dramas with extravagant costumes, understated performances, and lots of upper crust angst will enjoy this short series (8 episodes). 

John Moray has opened a department store in a time when one was used to going to separate shops for every small item (one shop for a dress, one for a hat, one for gloves, etc.). It's revolutionary and, well, a bit coarse for some of the locals.

Nevertheless, he continues to enjoy success and is surrounded by a delightful cast of characters including an ominous right hand man, a manipulative fiancee wannabe, and a painfully corseted (in body and spirit) head of ladies' wear. 

Enough character intrigue to keep me watching and a visual delight.

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  1. I did enjoy The Paradise, and my dearly beloved tolerated it for me. He said that was fair, since I watch Sons of Anarchy with him.