Monday, December 8, 2014

Lacey Blue and the Rejects by Bill Hart

Lacey Blue and the Rejects
by Bill Hart
4 stars - for total animal lovers and / or young readers
ALR Green - even though there are some scary parts and some sad parts

Lacey the greyhound is back with another adventure. This time, she's partnered with Meg, a young girl who has been shuffled from one foster home to the next. Meg is currently living with Granny Greer at Granny's animal shelter. It's her last chance to show that she can straighten up by doing community service and following the rules.

But danger lurks. After a near death experience, Meg finds that she can communicate telepathically with animals, and boy do those animals have a lot to say. She meets Lacey and right away Lacey senses trouble in Meg's future. So much so that Lacey abandons her owner, Ryan, to keep an eye on Meg. 

With Granny in the hospital, Meg is left alone on the ranch with some pretty rough dudes and as she talks to the animals she begins to realize that things might not be as caring and loving there as they seem on the outside. With the help of Lacey Blue, Dusty the retired race horse, and a couple of crazy cats, she sets out to expose the nefarious doings.

This one is really over the top for adult readers unless one is, like me, totally enamored with animals. In that case, you'll love the conversations between the animals as well as the different animal characters who somehow manage to assist Meg in her quest for the truth. 

For young readers, this book should be a delight. There is plenty of suspense as well as some humor. There are also lessons in loving and caring for our fellow creatures as well as some harder lessons in keeping those who are gone close to the heart. 


  1. I have to smile, seeing Blueberry there on the cover again! I've read it and I agree with you. I heard there was going to be another Lacey Blue story, but I haven't heard from Bill about it in awhile, so I don't know what's up with that.

  2. I ordered it for a young relative who's an animal lover. I might have to read it before I send it out.