Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Honor Bound by W.E.B. Griffin

Honor Bound
by W.E.B. Griffin
3 stars - kind of a 1950's style vibe
ALR Green - no animal characters

Wow! This guy sure writes a lot of books. Yet, this is the first of his works that I've read (at least that I remember).

So this was pretty good. Not sure if I liked it for the story as much as the style. It reminded me a lot of other books I've read that were written in the 50's (yeah, this was written in the 90's, but that Griffin guy was born in 1929 so he's kind of old school). So maybe it made me nostalgic in a weird "books I read as a kid" kind of way. Forget about women characters. It's all about the guys, with women pretty much as objects of desire and not much else. In fact, forget about character development in general. We're mostly here for the plot, right? That's OK as long as your expectations are set appropriately.

The point is the story. It's World War II and those Germans are up to no good all sneaking ships into neutral Argentinian waters to restock their Nazi subs. Time to call in the Marines! Just three of them. That's all you need. Hoorah for the Americans! Three Marines are picked to go undercover into Argentina with the mission of blowing up the supply ship. Ka-boom! Causalities not important. Naughty bad guys. 

But how to accomplish their mission? Who can they trust? To make matters worse, there are Nazis hanging out in Argentina. What? Yup, just one or two sent to bring home the body of an Argentinian pilot who was flying around over Russia and got shot down. Oh, and maybe to do a little spying of their own. And those generals and other high ranking Argentinians. Like whose side are they on anyway? Watch out!

You get the picture.

It's funny how you learn about books. I was in a conversation with a couple of guys at work, one of whom is from Bolivia and has a Germanic name. That got us to talking about Germans in South America during and after World War II which got one of the guys talking about some books he read about just that topic. So there you go. 

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  1. Sometimes you just need to be all about the plot and forget character development and whatnot. Especially in a high stress setting like WWII. Sometimes I find great books from some random event or conversation, too.

    Hope the bunny is good to you and yours!