Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dead Anyway by Chris Knopf

Dead Anyway
by Chris Knopf
2 stars - confusing, implausible, and a bad ending
ALR Blue - no animals, not even as scenery

Arthur Cathcart is living a nice life. He's got a good business as a computer nerd and a delightful wife who owns an insurance agency. Then, one day, he comes home to find a guest in the house. A guest who kills Arthur's wife and leaves Arthur for dead, having shot him a couple of times.

Arthur is in a coma for a while and when he wakes up, he decides to pretend he died and assume a new identity (or two, or three) to go and figure out who killed his wife and make them pay.

It's not a terrible premise and even thought it got off to a slow start, midway through I was interested enough to keep going. Ultimately, however, I was disappointed.

I found the cast of characters to be confusing. Just something about the way in which people were introduced and then dropped, only to come back. I wasn't quite sure who was who. Arthur's schemes for how to track down the killers, well, they were also confusing. I was willing to go along while it was interesting, but, ultimately, it just strained my ability to suspend belief. 

The ending? Thud. 

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