Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sandstorm by James Rollins

by James Rollins
3 stars - 4 star action, but kind of a 2 star plot
ALR Green - some camels, one gets shot, a horse, nothing that sticks in your head

James Rollins writes some of the best action / adventure scenes going. Heck, a guy gets vaporized in the first ten pages. You've got explosions, chases, sandstorms, scorpions, all sorts of stuff. Woo hoo! What a ride. 

Um, OK, what about the story? Here's the deal. There's an explosion in the antiques collection at the British Museum. Call in collection curator Safia al-Maaz and her best chum (and patron of the collection) Lady Kara Kengsington. What's the deal? Who knows? Looks like more than a bolt of lightening. Hmmm....

Let's throw in a couple of ultra top secret Sigma Force operatives who pop over the pond to investigate (under the guise of scientists) and Ms. al-Maaz's ex-fiance, Omaha Dunn. A couple of throw away characters as well, just to round things out, and we are away.

The explosion revealed a clue leading to the lost city of Ubar, somewhere under the Arabian desert. Away we go, but not before one of the Sigma crew utters this delightful line while examining the debris in the museum, "And look at my ancillary reading. Besides Z-bosons and gluons against the background gamma, as expected with antimatter annihilation, this sample is emitting very low levels of alpha and beta radiation." What's that you say?

There's also a bad guy who wants in on this whole antimatter lost city thing and has much better firepower and technology than our intrepid band of main characters. Watch out!

Yeah, I like to poke fun at Mr. Rollins' novels, but you know I'm going to read another one, right? 

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  1. Sounds like an author I could read, and then pass on to the sons, who just love the rip roaring, vaporizing action.