Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cursor's Fury by Jim Butcher

Cursor's Fury
by Jim Butcher
5 stars - edge of the seat action and adventure
ALR Green

Why can't we all just get along? Sheesh. The High Lord of Kalare has decided now is the time for him to take over the Realm. No way! He's concocted some pretty awesome fire power from the sky and kidnapped family members of the defending lords to give them pause before launching a counterattack. It's up to Countess Amara and her husband, Bernard, to join forces with the evil Lady Aquitaine against a common enemy.

Meanwhile, our hero from books one and two, Tavi (he without special powers) has been sent undercover as a low ranking officer to ride things out in safety in the realm's lowliest ragtag group of legionnaires. It's not as safe a hiding place as originally thought. The Canim wolf people are attacking by the tens of thousands and Tavi's legion is the only thing standing between the good guys being overrun by beasties.

Once again, Jim Butcher delivers an exciting saga of great battles, heartbreaking losses, stunning victories. In fact, pretty much the entire last half of the book is comprised of battles being fought on multiple fronts. With combatants who can control the forces of wind, earth, fire, and water, some pretty outlandish stuff goes on. Woo hoo! What a ride!

Bonus, that, as in the previous books, the cover art reflects an actual scene from the story. Yup, that's poor Tavi turning around to see scary water lions looming over him. Like, hey, what's up with that? Watch out, Tavi!

The characters are great. Lots of strong female characters as well. Female warriors plying their trade alongside their male counterparts. 

Early in the book, when informed of the scale of the coming attack, some of the leaders of the Realm refuse support as they feel it's all been blown way out of proportion. I loved the response they are given (and think these words should be spoken to many of the members of the US congress - perhaps citizens as well).

I suggest you find an alternate shortsighted, egomaniacally ridiculous reason to blatantly, recklessly ignore an obvious threat to the Realm simply because you don't wish it to exist.

Right on!

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  1. Looks like a series of books I can buy for Mark's birthday - and read before I give them to him. I love your highlighted quote; there are many to whom this should be said.