Sunday, July 12, 2015

Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher

Captain's Fury
by Jim Butcher
4 stars - not quite 5
ALR Green - some horses killed in battle

Oops, down a star from the previous works in this series, but still a darn good read.

They grow up so fast. Just three novels and 1000 pages or so ago, our hero, Tavi, was a teenager with no normal furycrafting powers tending his flock of sheep. Now he's a young man and captain of a legion of the Realm. He's spent two years doing battle with the invading Canim. Those wolf like creatures who have left their homeland to take over Aleran spaces. 

You know, I'm really not good at names and keeping track of all the political intrigue. Not a problem. Plenty of swordplay, furycrafting (as in taking ownership of wind, sea, fire, whatever), and general action. In addition to the Canim, there are giant leviathans who eat ships at sea (with sharks along to pick up the chum), giant lizards ready to kill swamp invaders, and other cool stuff.

Basically, Tavi is on a quest to find a way to convince the Canim to desist in their hostilities and go home. Meanwhile, a band of three take off to put down some evil dude from the last book who wants to rule the world and some good guys and bad guys are left behind to do battle with the Canim whilst Tavi and his crew are off getting into trouble. 

People are flying around, blowing up, getting jabbed with daggers, you know, the usual. All good fun. 

Oh, and yes, once again, the cover art depicts a scene from the book. There's young Tavi confronted with fire hounds. What?

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