Saturday, July 4, 2015

Suicide Med by Freida McFadden

Suicide Med
by Freida McFadden
4 stars - how can you not love a medical student mystery?
ALR Blue - no animals

Southside Medical school, otherwise known as "suicide med." Why? Well it would appear that every year, for the last six years, one of the medical students has committed suicide. Uh oh.

Once again, Frieda McFadden combines her insider's knowledge of the field of medicine with her flair for writing to provide a "just one more chapter before I'm late for work" kind of book. 

As the new class of medical students enters Southside med, we're introduced to Heather, Abe, Mason, Rachel, and Ginny. They're stuck at the same cadaver table in anatomy class and their lives get all tangled up together. Any concerns about the annual suicides are secondary to the overriding anxiety of trying to commit to memory all the parts of the human body.

The book is separated into narrations of the events of the first year by each of the students. So we start with Heather who brings us to the edge of a cliff, then rewind to visit the same time from the perspective of another student and so on and so on.

Each narrative reveals more details about what's really going on. I'm a big fan of Dr. McFadden's writing style. Her characters don't spend a lot of time in deep musings. Their thoughts are more along the lines of bursts of feelings and observations rendered in phrases rather than complete sentences. I'm down with that. I like the way they think. We also get to see how the same events take on different meanings when viewed from the inescapably egocentric perspective of each person.

Dr. McFadden throws in a plot twist that I found, at first, to be a little over the top. She almost lost me. Then I said, "Hey, she's having fun, I'm having fun, just go with it." Then all was right once again. Because fun it is. 

I also enjoyed her novel The Devil Wears Scrubs and have added her next book to my queue. She's two for two on my list. Two books that I enjoyed so much that I stayed up too late at night just to see what happened next. Bravo! Now somebody please make this book in to a mini-series. That would be awesome.

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