Saturday, August 1, 2015

Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly

Paw Enforcement
by Diane Kelly
3 stars - some good news, some bad news, but a fun read for dog lovers
ALR Green - nice dogs featured throughout

First off, the cover. Oh my goodness, is that adorable or what?

Rookie Texas police officer, Megan Luz gets partnered with K-9 cop Brigit. Why? Because Ms. Luz has a bit of a temper and assaulted her human partner (who was admittedly a big jerk). 

There's trouble in the big city. Some miscreant is setting off bombs intended to send a message to the population. Officer Luz is on the spot and teams up with one of the local detectives to track the bomber down. 


  1. This is a big one. Ms. Kelly knows how to write a mystery. I mean she seriously knows how. The pacing is exquisite and she parcels out clues at just the right pace. Plenty of leads, but not so many that I got confused. Well done!
  2. Lots of doggie stuff. In fact there's doggie stuff in every chapter. Score!
  3. Minimal mushy stuff. Yes, there's a romance, but it doesn't overshadow the action and the reader is spared any groping or pounding hearts in bosoms.

  1. I didn't like the main character. Nope, not at all. Plus her stutter was a distraction, and if she pulled out her baton one more time, ish.
  2. Kind of a cop out (no pun) that the portions about Megan were in the first person, but the portions about Brigit and the Rattler (bad guy) were in the third person. Plus the Brigit parts got shorter and shorter as the book progressed.
  3. When Megan first meets Brigit, Brigit is not pleased. She growls a bit. Megan goes nose to nose with Brigit (literally) and stares her right in the eye. No, please, do not try this at home. Good way to lose a nose. I wouldn't even do that with my mild mannered lab.
  4. Not happy with the slap on the hand for assaulting a fellow officer or for teaming a rookie cop up with a trained K-9 as punishment. Seriously? According to the local police I've talked to, there's a waiting list of officers who want a K-9 partner and those highly trained and valuable dogs only go to officers that have already shown themselves to be worthy.
  5. Bad guy character development was lacking.
  6. Too much foul language and discussion of testicles. Hey, I'm no prude, but this read like a cozy and in that genre I expect to be spared from such things.
Will I read the next book in the series? Yes. Do I recommend this book? Yes, provided you are prepared to just skim the parts that don't quite work.

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  1. That's a lot of negatives for a book that should be good. Just look at that cover: how could it not be good?