Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thirty-Three Teeth by Colin Cotterill

Thirty-Three Teeth
by Colin Cotterill
1 star - a perfectly good book that isn't my style
ALR Yellow - sad, abused bear escapes from captivity

Don't like giving this one star because I think it's a fine book, but stylistically it just didn't grip me.

Dr. Siri Paiboun is the national coroner of Laos. "Something wild and evil has been let loose in the city of Vientiane. A series of mutilated corpses lands in Dr. Siri's morgue, but it is only when Nurse Dtui is menaced that the elderly coroner can discover the cause of these deaths and identify the creature, animal or spirit, that has been slaying the innocent."

I liked the pacing. I like the setting. I learned a lot about Laos. I even like the characters. But after 100 pages, I was still struggling to get the rhythm of the book. 

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