Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Summer Knight
by Jim Butcher
4 stars - lots of action plus a mystery
ALR Green - unless you get upset by trolls and ghouls getting chopped up

Harry Dresden is back. He's the only professional wizard in the Chicago phone book and he's on a mission to solve any and all mysteries involving supernatural beasties so that the citizenry stays safe and oblivious to the dangers that lurk all around them.

Harry's despondent. His girlfriend has ditched him to go off on her own and deal with a newly acquired taste for blood, he can't pay his bills, his friends are deserting him, and his personal grooming habits are zip.

Enter the Winter Queen of Faerie. She's bought his contract from his evil Faerie godmother and she wants him to solve the murder of the Summer Queen's right hand man. Yeah, why not?

Trouble is, well, you just can't trust those Faeries. They are devious beings. Tricksters. Nothing is what it seems with them and it isn't long before Harry is getting bombarded from all sides by beings who want him dead. Not to mention, he's in deep water with the high council of wizards. They think he's gone rogue and intend to deal with him accordingly.

Harry calls on his local friendly pack of werewolves, along with some sprites who will work for pizza and a handful of changelings. They'll need to draw on every bit of cleverness and daring they have to defeat trolls, ghouls, centaurs, spells, you name it.

Hey, the big battle scene in Wal-Mart is worth the price of admission. 

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  1. "The only professional wizard in the Chicago phone book!" That is pretty funny on two levels: the first being the Wizard category, and the second being that kids these days often look at you like you have 2 heads when you say "phone book!"