Monday, October 12, 2015

The Chocolate Cat Caper by JoAnna Carl

The Chocolate Cat Caper
by JoAnna Carl
3 stars - super cozy
ALR Green - a grumpy cat jumps on people and prowls around

Nothing like a predictable cozy to cleanse the reading pallet after a few false starts.

Lee McKinney, newly divorced, has moved to a small town in Michigan to live with her Aunt. Aunt Nettie runs the local hand crafted chocolate shop and Lee is recruited to help out in the shop by keeping the books and running errands.

One such errand is to deliver chocolates to rich and loathsome defense attorney, Clementine Ripley. Nobody likes her. She makes her living by defending the most heinous of bad guys. Plus she bought up some lakefront property and built and totally ugly mansion. 

When Ripley drops dead later that day, well, there are plenty of suspects, but the presence of cyanide in one of the chocolates points the investigation towards Lee and Auntie. Uh oh.

The book roles out in typical cozy fashion. Lots of personalities, a few clues, a bit of danger, and all wrapped up in the end by our heroine. Just what I needed. 

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  1. A cozy is a good thing, especially when there's a nice cat or dog involved. I've just read one myself (sans animal).