Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Crook and Flail

The Crook and Flail
by Libbie Hawker
3 stars - the historical fiction equivalent of a cozy mystery
ALR Blue - no animals

Those nutty Egyptians are at it again.

Book two in the She King series centers around young Hatshepsut's coming of age and adolescent adventures fighting for the throne of Egypt. Hatshepsut's mom has said Hat is destined for the throne of Egypt, as king, despite the fact that she's female.

Hatshepsut falls for that prophecy for a little bit, but then decides she might be better off as Great Wife for now, so she dutifully marries her younger brother, Thutmose, because that's just what you did when you were an Egyptian royal.

Since Thutmose is only 11 when they get married and Hatshepsut is 13, there isn't much bedroom activity at first. Good thing, since Hat thinks her little brother is a twit.

Then some more stuff happens.

As in the first novel of the series, there isn't much character development, and the story is straightforward. I still liked it. The information about day to day life in the royal household is fun, as are the scenes involving dressing and grooming (remind me never to time travel there, all that hair plucking, ouch!). Yeah, I'll read book three, why not?


  1. Historical fiction is one of my favored genres. Sometimes a cozy is just what you need to break up heavier reading!

  2. hello mango momma its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada has not manadjd to git to this buk yet after reeding the first wun but egad!!! hair plukking??? i do not aproov!!! ok bye