Sunday, December 6, 2015

Killing Floor by Lee Child

Killing Floor
by Lee Child
3 stars - man-cozy
ALR Blue - no animals, not even pets

Have I used the expression "man-cozy" before? Let me define it. "Man-cozy" refers to a formulaic story that is intended to appeal mostly to men. So the feisty female heroine of the standard cozy is replaced by a macho guy who knows some self defense and killing tricks. The formula, though is otherwise the same. Mystery, romance (although mostly just sex since this is a man-cozy), good guys win (since there are about 8700 entries in the Jack Reacher series, never any doubt). Good guy gets in lots of pickles. Kills people, whatever. It's a man-cozy, OK?

I figured since Lee Child's Jack Reacher series was so enduring (20 entries so far), I'd give the first book a shot. It was, satisfyingly, as expected.

The story opens with Jack Reacher adrift in a small Georgia town, eating breakfast in a diner. Then, the local constabulary storms the place and arrests him for murder. What the heck? He knows he didn't kill anybody. In fact he just got in to town, so what's going on? Well, it's up to our plucky hero to solve the mystery. Figure out who is good, who is bad.

Does he succeed? Um, hello, 20 books in the series, right? Of course along the way there is plenty of danger and lots of people get killed. The mystery itself is very interesting. Plenty of twists, but it doesn't feel contrived. Great pacing.

I'll keep this series in mind for when I'm looking for a sure thing.


  1. Mad Snapper got me started on these. I've only read three of them, but I agree - quite satisfying. They all, at least so far, have a smart gal-pal sidekick, too. A good sure thing for sure! (Hi Dexter!!)

  2. I think I've read a couple in this series, too. "Man-cozy" is a great designation for book category!