Friday, December 4, 2015

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes
by Stephen King
3 stars - poor start, good enough finish
ALR Yellow - Mr. King is fond of using animals and other innocents to raise the level of tension

Bad guy drives Mercedes into crowd. Kills and wounds. Cop on the case can't find bad guy. Cop retires. Bad guy contacts him as part of plan to commit more acts of mayhem. Cop tracks him down.

If not for the name "Stephen King" on the cover, I wouldn't have finished this book. The first half was not to my taste. Too ugly. Unlikeable characters. Too much revealed about the bad guy. 

The book improved in the second half. More characters, some of them interesting. Just, well, more.

Good enough for a quick read when you don't mind having your levels of helplessness and paranoia amped up a bit.

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